Monday, November 17, 2014

Screen Savers as a Communication Tool

Almost every medical facility has multiple computers at multiple work stations. Each computer has a screen saver that is usually a name, advertisement, and or picture.

With the recent confusion at the Texas hospital about Ebola, it is a simple tool to enhance communications throughout the institution. Some hospitals have already posted announcements and schedules of meetings on them.

The next step would be to use the screen as a notification tool to all the staff.
1.      Infectious disease updates:
a.      Fever, Travel, and/or exposure to traveler to West Africa: Contact Physician and Nurse Supervisor Immediately.
                        b.      Children with shortness of breath may have serious Enterovirus.
                        c.      Influenza season starting: Get your flu shot, please:
                        d.      CDC warnings
2.      Meeting or Activity notices:
a.      Joint Commission here Mon-Fri
                        b.      Blood Bank drive Friday.
                        c.      Hospital wide meeting with Leadership on Tuesday.
3.      Drug shortages:
a.      The list is endless
                        b.      Substitutes available
The utility is endless and can be easily programmed. Different computers with specific target audience can get different messages.  Add the screen saver as part of your system to ensure that everyone hopefully knows what is going on.

Instead of being reactive, this is a proactive step.

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