Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Electronic Health Records and Voice Recognition Technology

The Electronic Health Record has imposed a new set of standards on the provider. These standards can include multiple clicks , typing, and “cut and paste”. This leads to potential decreased productivity, overtime (which is rarely compensated), and potential mistakes for the technologically impaired (myself included).

There is one “quick solution” that can, proponents say, “ease your pain.” Will it, really? The call to invest in voice recognition technology, become proficient at it, and reap the promised rewards is hard to ignore.  However, it is important to make sure your Electronic Health Record (EHR) can easily support these dictated notes without a lot of unnecessary steps.

The triple combination of a provider, voice recognition technology, and scribe (another blog topic: medical assistant/scribe or “data jockey support”) can lead to increased productivity that will hopefully offset your costs. You may, as a consequence, spend more time with your patients and provide more efficient care.