Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monopolizing Physician Time is NOT Meaningful!

Guest blogger Dr. Donald Kamens, MD discusses the definition of meaningful use- Enjoy!

Taking Physicians away from their patients is anything but meaningful.  I saw a urologist yesterday, and while he was unable to look me in the eyes because he was fixed on the screen, he was also saying, "see, I cannot even see you, judge your reactions, assess your status...the screen takes it all away from what was once the doctor-patient relationship."

He further said, "that every day (every day!) he has to stay late to complete his MU requirements, and most often winds up taking the work home.  It is destroying his family life as well.  Patient care is being undermined.  He said that the issue was not only the MU criteria itself (which he said will have to be relaxed), but also the implementations, and was complaining about their current system- one of the big 3, but learned that most all other products have the same or worse issues.  A big (HUGE) push back is coming!

Fortunately, there are products out there that have been designed with thought of physician time, efficiency, and making clinical work easier.  Unlike some of the other products for EDs, UCs and clinics, a physician can work at a relaxed, but speedy pace without being overwhelmed by the screen.  Allowing for more time to see what is going on with the patient...

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