Monday, January 13, 2014

Search Engine Optimization

Being technologically impaired according to my offspring, I never understood the mechanics of how Google, Bing, and other search engines know how to deliver advertisements in my mail as well as different web sites I visit.  The term for this process goes by the acronym SEO (search Engine Optimization)

SEO is accomplished through keywords on which searches are initially based.  On the other hand, after the keywords themselves are injected into the mix, there is the rank given to the website, which determines whether it will appear on the search results, and where on the returned links it shows up.  Larry Page, one of Google's founders, first introduced the concept of rank; hence, the first algorithm used for ranking was called Page-rank(though many have mistakenly thought it meant to reference web-page rank).  Rank, in essence, determines the "popularity" of a given site for the keywords submitted.  Popularity is determined through complex formula that analyze not only how many hits a site has, but also how many other webpages link to the site receiveing the ranking.  Industries have appeared over the last decade that promise to increase ranking and improve hits on a website.  Hence search results, in general, must be viewed with a measure of skepticism, as with any advertising.

The following is a description of an optimal EHR having multiple keywords within the content.

The EHR is being used in hospitals, emergency departments, urgent cares, family practice and specialty private offices to fundamentally change work flow and processes.  The EHR contains databases, charting systems for physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, nurses, and support staff.  CPOE (computerized order entry), patient education, e-prescribing, report generation, and tracking board.   The database has the ability to scan in outside document or attachments in the record, which can be imported to the contemporaneous patient encounter.  The medical record should be voice activated technology and ICD 10 ready.  It should also be able to send secure faxes with reports to the private medical office.

The Practice Management side contains registration, real-time insurance eligibility checks (extremely important with the initiation of the ACA (Affordable care act), scheduling, medical coding assistants (an estimated level of service), billing with revenue cycle management, and multiple efficiency and reimbursement reports.  The data should be backed up redundantly in the cloud to allow instant update.

In the modern world the internet both watches and has a great influence on your potential behaviors.

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  1. This is a great summary. The internet has opened up a whole new world for business.