Monday, August 26, 2013

The "Electronic Health Record Solution"

Comprehensive solutions for medical documentation when a complete Electronic Health Record (enterprise system or niche product) interferes with work-flow and provider satisfaction is suggested:
"Best of Breed" - commonly recommended - combination of an enterprise system with a specific module for the area of work.  This would solve many issues, but will take mutual cooperation between the enterprise and niche system to build efficient interfaces.  This may include the ability for the providers to choose the device (tablet, C.O.W., smart phone, etc.) to interact with the system.
  1. The "Hybrid Approach" - combination of paper templates that are scanned in the EHR.  The Electronic Health Record can provide the database, CPOE, patient education and ePrescribing.  This solves the #1 complaint that the providers are data techs with a 20% decline in performance.
  2. Voice-Activated Technology - same as #2 with dictated charts with no transcription fees.  Dictating from templates can achieve excellent documentation.
  3. Using a user-friendly, area specific electronic charting software that employs minimal "clicks" supplemented by direct access voice activated technology.  This eliminates the cookie-cutter computer speak chart and gives important context to the documentation.
  4. Wait for a major break-through in artificial intelligence that creates and supports a reality based documentation of the encounter.

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