Monday, January 9, 2012


Time to click—Time to task—Time to everything

The modern tracking board has allowed the provider, the hospital consultants, administration to time multiple events in the ED.

The tracking board can be used to calculate

1.     Door-to- Provider
2.     Provider to Decision
3.     Decision to Admit
4.     Decision to Discharge.
5.     Door- to End of Event –LOS
6.     Last Lab to decision
7.     Last x-ray to decision
8.     ETC/ETC/ETC

Using Lean-Six Sigma techniques the ED efficiency can be improved dramatically. The only problem that “quality” is rarely brought into the mix. It is implied that “quality care” is fixed quotient without any variables that can be reproduced in the same time frame every time. After practicing more than 30 years, I am consistently surprised by certain events, results, and outcomes.

"Let the TRACK MEET begin”.

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